Dr. Debra Warner has appeared on television, been relied upon as an expert in documentaries and is a seasoned professional speaker.


Chicago School of Professional Psychology Crisis Intervention Training Conference hosted by Dr. Debra Warner as an outgrowth of the program she developed for Homeland Security.

National Safe Child Show, hosted by Tammi Stefano - Dr. Debra Warner guest appearance.

Females Without Fear with Dr. Debra Warner, Activist & Author




Prisoners' Dilemma

Debra Warner & Shadavia C. France

Prisoners' Dilemma is an illustrative game that was developed to help demonstrate the cost-benefit analysis process that takes place when determining the desirability of a situational outcome. 

Where Do We Go from here?

Examining Intimate Partner Violence by Bringing Male Victims, Female Perpetrators, and Psychological Sciences into the Fold

Chase Espinoza and Debra Warner

Gender symmetry in intimate partner violence (IPV) has come to light in research, stirring much controversy. Historically, there has been resistance toward re-conceptualizing the problem from a psychology-informed framework, rather than from functional sociological discourse. Issues in examining IPV, with consideration of typologies, male victimization, and female perpetration, are discussed. Reporting, outcomes, revictimization, and perceptions of male victims and female perpetrators are addressed. An argument is offered for increased focus on psychological science, including theory and data from clinical, couple, and family systems disciplines, in addressing partner violence. A framework is provided for integrated, effective, and accurate approaches to IPV in discourse, policy, and service.




Dr. Debra Warner attends commencement with Dr. Aquil Basheer

The son of the city of Los Angeles’ first African-American firefighter, Aquil Basheer is no stranger to the city’s diverse and complicated issues to prevent violence; he has been a soldier in the effort for over 40 years. Recognizing his commitment, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology honored him with an honorary Doctorate of Humanities, honoris causa during their 2015 commencement ceremony last week at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles Opens Forensic Training Institute

"Since opening in 2008, the Los Angeles Campus of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) has offered a host of free or low-cost services to the local community, including crisis intervention training; workshops on topics from post-traumatic stress disorder to substance abuse; mental health counseling; and research in partnership with local organizations and agencies. TCSPP recently provided a physical home for much of this work, with the formal launch of its Forensic Training Institute (the Institute), located just upstairs from TCSPP at 617 West 7th Street in Los Angeles."



cop to rejoin force.jpg

Cop To Rejoin Police Aug.13; What He May Face

An arbitrator ordered the village of Niles to re-hire a Niles Police officer who was terminated after being accused of sexual assault in January 2010. What will he face? One in a series of articles about the incident.

By Pam DeFiglio, | Aug 1, 2012







2016    First 5 Conference Grant, $3,750, SCRIPT Conference

2016    USC Conference Grant, $5,000, SCRIPT Conference

2013   TCSPP Distinguished Teaching Award, Excellence in Public Service Teaching

2013    Outstanding Service, The Chicago School Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

2012    Outstanding Service, The Chicago School Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

2011   Grant, $25,000, Brian Center A Better LA Fellowship for a Forensic Psychology Student

2011    Grant, 10,000, California State University, Dominquez Hills Research Grant for Student Publication with the CDC

2011    Grant, 10,000, California State University, Dominquez Hills Research Grant for Student Publication with the CDC

2011    Research Grant, $75, 000, A Better LA

2010    Research Grant, $75, 000, A Better LA

2010    Leadership and Community Service Award: Community Intervention, Maximum Force Enterprises

2010    President’s Award for Academic Leadership, Community Partnerships, The Chicago School Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

2010     Commendation of Service, Department of Defense, Washington DC

2010     Certificate of Appreciation for Community Partnership, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office


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