Debra Warner, PSY.D.

I have never seen a more comprehensive, more down to earth, and more impactful book on sexual abuse, or trauma of any form. This book will help male (and female!) survivors, our loved ones, and any professional who wants to be a better partner in healing.
— Christopher M. Anderson, Trauma Theorist, Survivor Advocate

Dr. Debra Warner

The silent epidemic of male survivors of trauma, whether it is sexual, physical or emotional is rarely discussed today. Approximately one in six men have been abused as children. The rate of adult abuse is even higher when occupational and societal abuse is included.  Dr. Debra Warner is America’s Favorite Male Trauma Expert in the diagnosis, effects and treatment of male trauma. 

She has devoted her professional efforts to helping men and their loved ones confront and conquer their long term effects of trauma on the male psyche. As a spouse of a survivor she is personally experienced in recognizing the signs of coping mechanisms, and their effects on the sometimes unaware spouse.